A traumatic Swedish Christmas story
Santa pulled out a box wrapped in animal gift paper and read out a name. In front of him, my son Herman and a pack of mostly blonde-haired 3-year-olds dressed like Santa Claus and gingerbread men waved their arms. One by one, with a gift in hand, they ran to […]

A father and son’s traumatic Swedish Christmas party

Swedish sitcom, Welcome to Sweden
Maybe you heard that Sweden’s TV4 is airing a sitcom called Welcome to Sweden about an American guy who falls in love with a hot Swedish woman and leaves his great job in NYC to move to Stockholm? Well, that’s pretty much my story about moving to Sweden. Except that I […]

Welcome to Sweden: Why the new sitcom sucks

The best reasons to work in Sweden I’m an expert on what it’s like to work in Sweden. I’ve lived here for nine years and have had jobs in the corporate sector and the public sector. It’s pretty amazing to work in Sweden. 1.You can tell your boss to go […]

The best reasons to work in Sweden: Master Guide Part ...

Finding jobs in Sweden
Guess how many people who speak English are interested in finding jobs in Sweden? Google says 5,400 people per month search for that exact term — “Finding jobs in Sweden.” So you’ve had it with your country! You’re sick and tired of two weeks of vacation or think the population […]

Finding jobs in Sweden: The Master Guide Part 1

Swedish food
Everyone knows Swedish meatballs are a hardy meal that will keep you energized in all seasons. But today, a lot of people are talking about that little red condiment that’s jammed between the meat and the potatoes — Swedish lingoberries. Scientists at Lund University in Sweden have discovered that Swedish […]

Eating Swedish meatballs? Don’t forget lingonberries — a new superfood ...