Give your baby lobster tail

We just got back from an epic, 3-week trip in the US with the kids. It began in Washington, D.C. and ended in Boston. You’ll be hearing a lot about it.

Here’s a clip of Herman screaming for lobster tails and butter at a classic lobster pound in Freeport, Maine called the Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster Company.

Lobster men talk in Freeport, Maine

Delicious setting and beautiful food

I’ve eaten a good deal of lobster and steamers (fresh clams) in my life, but never this good, and never in such a real setting.

To get there you drive down a small, winding road through quiet woods and past houses until you reach a little harbor. There’s one restaurant, one industrial building, a mix of working and recreational boats and a great view out over the bay towards a few wooded islands.

Fresh Maine lobsters, steamers, butter for dipping and cornÂ

Down on the docks the smells of salt water and dried fish blend with gasoline and oil from the deep frying in the restaraunt. There are probably thousands of lobster pounds throughout New England and I have been to a few. But there’s something special about this one in South Freeport.

The steamers pop and crunch into your mouth. The perfect combination of taste and texture. Lobster is a different food when it’s fresh, dipped in butter and eaten while overlooking the very waters it lived in. Harraseeket Lunch even served local, organic hamburgers that were delicious.

Menu at Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster Company

One visit and you understand why so many people now are trying to get back to the roots of eating local food — it tastes better and feels right for the body.

As you can see, the whole family will enjoy it.

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