Peter takes 4.5 months of paternity leave

Here’s another story of a modern father on paternity leave in Sweden. Peter, a high school teacher, is home with his daughter for 4.5 months. He talks about the hard, rainy and dark days and the things he has learned.

Any Swedish fathers out there who want to tell their stories, please feel free to do so in the comments. Maybe it could become a post.

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  1. My coleague here in portugal was 1 month at home i think, when his wife had a baby. The wife was 4 months at home i think. Their jobs are nice administrative/secretary in permanent staff career. My cousin and his wife they are teachers in permanet staff and they had few time at home after their kid was born, but they have a stability and enough money to take care of their child. But i also know some people who got dismissed, especialy young women, because they were contract/temporary jobs and they got pregnant. Here bosses and company owners dont want women get pregnant, especialy if are a store worker, shop worker, and specialy if you are a precarious/contract worker.I feel sorry for my friends who want to have kids but here in Portugal if you are not a engineer or bank worker, it will be a hard life. I know a guy who is a electrician, his wife worked in a supermerket full time also, and he barely have money to pay house rent, buy food, and take care of their baby kid. That is not a life.
    I speak about them. I dont have kids, and i dont want to ever never have kids, but respect others will, of cours. im a student and a traveller also. Here in Portugal to have good welfare (and by that i mean a small house, a small car and food, etc and save some money in the end of the day…) you have to deal with a agressive unemployment rate, here, with few exceptions, only people with bachelor/master degree can get more than 600 euros wich is more or less 5000 kr. Its hard for me, im studying to get a good job in portugal, but i have the benefit of being single. But for families, young families is very hard.I was in Sweden recently, in winter, i love the weather, the countriside areas, forest, the cities too, really beautiful and good welfare life. That is good standart of life there in Sweden, you have dark days but you also have many good things other countries dont have(i love dark winter, but well thats me…). I would like being born a swede, but oh well i did not,…so i will visit Sweden when i can, on vacations! I advice every people from north europe. You may visit Portugal, but dont ever live here, specialy if you have kids or want to form a family. We have warm climate (even i dont like this warm climate , but again, thats me), but we have not good welfare here…

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