10 ways to know you live in Sweden

Swedish countryside
You know you live in Sweden when…

After eight years, I’ve pretty much forgotten that I live in Sweden. But every once in a while something happens that reminds me that, yes, no doubt about it, I live in Sweden. Here’s a list.

1. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces takes sick leave because he’s stressed out.
2. You just went to the bar, split the bill three ways with your friends and you each paid with a credit card.
3. Both leaders of the Green Party went on parental leave at the same time.
4. You don’t have health insurance.
5. Your 3-year-old is having a temper tantrum at breakfast because you ran out of caviar.
6. You just paid $145 dollars to fill your tank with gas.
7. You know what this (below) is and you like it.

Swedish holiday, visit Sweden, Swedish food
Herring, anchovies and a good old traditional Midsummer dinner.

8. It’s almost April and your winter parka is still hanging up in the hallway.
9. You haven’t filled out a form at the doctor’s office in the past 8 years.
10. You take an utfart and an infart and it doesn’t even smell.

This list will definitely have new versions in the future.

Do you have your own list of things that remind you that you live in Sweden? I’d love to see it!

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  1. Hej Gabe,
    Welcome back. Hope all is well , looking forward to more of your perspective on Sweden.

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