The best reasons to work in Sweden: Master Guide Part 2

The best reasons to work in Sweden

I’m an expert on what it’s like to work in Sweden. I’ve lived here for nine years and have had jobs in the corporate sector and the public sector. It’s pretty amazing to work in Sweden.

1.You can tell your boss to go screw yourself without getting fired.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve been pretty close a few times.

2. You get incredible benefits, including at least 5 weeks of vacation time and unbelievable parental benefits. Many companies give you more money when you are on vacation.

3. You’ve heard of Minecraft? Skype? Spotify? All Swedish. Sweden ranks high in innovative companies. Look where Sweden scores on the latest innovation capacity index ratings.

4. We’ve all heard that Sweden’s a socialist nightmare. Except it’s not. You can actually get rich! Join the ranks of Sweden’s billionaires. You may be surprised to know that Sweden has a bunch of guys in the b club…why are they all guys by the way?

Now, tell me about your successes and failures about finding a job in Sweden.



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