The best reasons to work in Sweden: Master Guide Part 2

The best reasons to work in Sweden

I’m an expert on what it’s like to work in Sweden. I’ve lived here for nine years and have had jobs in the corporate sector and the public sector. It’s pretty amazing to work in Sweden.

1.You can tell your boss to go screw yourself without getting fired.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve been pretty close a few times.

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Becoming a Swedish citizen

It wasn’t very hard to become a Swedish citizen. I didn’t take any tests. No questions about who the first King of Sweden was or what was in the constitution.

I just had to live here for some years with a residency permit. Then I sent in an electronic form with a check and that was it!

The ultimate sled workout

Less than a week away from the winter solstice, and it’s hard to imagine the days getting shorter here in Sweden. The sun rose today at 8:39 am and set at 2:47 pm. It’s dark and cold, but never fear, the Swedes have many solutions for this time of year. In playgrounds they put up special sleds for kids to play with, and for parents to push.