From Sweden Podcast

From Sweden is a podcast about the people of Sweden.


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Why You Should Be Jealous of Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave in Sweden

There is No Military Solution to Extremism and Terrorism

I like S’s, Always Have

So, the themes of all of the interviews on “From Sweden” all start with an S.

Sounds: Interviews with Swedish musicians

Sales: Interviews with Swedish business innovators

Screen: Interviews with film and TV folks from Sweden.

Sense: Interviews with Swedish thinkers

Sex: Interviews about sex and gender in Sweden

Society: Interviews with experts about Swedish society.

Sport: Interviews with people involved with Swedish sports.

Stage: Interviews with comedians and stage actors.

State: Interviews with swedish politicians and political scientists.

Stories: Interviews with Swedish authors.

Succulent: Interviews with Swedes involved with Swedish food or food in Sweden.

Strokes: Interviews with Swedish artists

Swedes: Interviews with normal Swedes