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“Not good enough” putting immigrants to work
Sweden’s companies have struggled to bring the immigrant population into their ranks. In this first part of Radio Sweden’s three part series on diversity in the Swedish corporate sector, we hear about the reality inside most Swedish companies. Are there really as few immigrants as people say inside corporate Sweden? Read more

Midwives can’t guarantee patient safety
Women in Stockholm County have been forced to deliver babies in waiting rooms, sometimes with no access to pain medicine. Others have been told to go to a different hospital, sometimes in other counties, because birthing centers are overcrowded. Now midwives in the county say they have had enough. They are protesting what they say are “unsustainable” working conditions. Read more

EU close to creating a common asylum system
The European Union is close to adopting a new asylum policy that would ensure that all member states treat asylum seekers inside the EU in a fair and humane manner. But Sweden says it’s ahead of the rest. Read more

Africa Oil and the banks: Hold or sell?
The Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson travelled to Ethiopia to investigate the company Africa Oil – their subsequent imprisonment shed light on the inner workings of the African country. Read more

How important is tourism to Sweden’s economy?
The tourism industry is more important to Sweden’s economy than ever before. And the trend is likely to continue. Tourism accounts for 2.9 percent of Sweden’s GDP – three times more than the mining industry. Read more

Swedish media goes berserk for US elections
The Swedish media has bombarded Swedes with US election coverage in the days and months leading up to the big vote. Did they overdo it? Read more

New grading system has students on edge
A grading system that took effect in 2011 has some students deeply worried about their education. Read more

Banks’ funds invest in controversial oil company
Several Swedish banks sell mutual funds that own shares in an oil company working in a war torn region of Ethiopia despite the banks’ own ethical guidelines regarding human rights. Read more

Saudi military delegation to Sweden causes a stir
A Saudi Arabian military visit to Sweden highlights the unlikely military cooperation between these two very different countries. Read more

Hammarby fans rally ahead of first season with an American in the lead
Hammarby will celebrate its last season in its historic stadium as the team tries to fight its way back from a dismal 2011 season. And the first American ever to coach a professional European soccer club is charged with the rough task. Read more

Is ethical investing possible?
Despite its rise in popularity in recent years, some wonder if ethical investing is possible. Read more

What to expect from the Royal baptism
The Royal family, politicians, friends, and fans will celebrate the birth of Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary on Tuesday at the royal chapel in downtown Stockholm. Estelle is the first child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Media from around the world will cover the event. But why do they care?
Read more

Sweden’s Intelligence Service shares secrets
Sweden’s Intelligence Service, Säpo, has some “secrets” on display at a new exhibit in Stockholm. The exhibition includes a “dead mailbox” used by the Czechoslovakian secret service and a cement block and microphone recovered from the Swedish embassy in Moscow. The message that Säpo seems to want to convey, however, is that the agency protects Sweden’s democracy.
Read more

Why don’t Swedes do small talk?
Jan-Jakob Zbiniewicz, who works at a kiosk in downtown Stockholm, says customers never do small talk with him. Read more

Two leading politicians clash over environment
Two of Sweden’s leading politicians on the environment held separate press conferences Thursday before they left for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in South Africa. The press conferences were separated by only an hour and a small body of water in downtown Stockholm, but they highlighted two very different approaches to combating climate change. Read more

Debt crisis or euro zone crisis?
European leaders planned to ask big developing countries like China and Brazil for money to contain the debt crisis in the euro zone. Instead, the leaders are fighting again today for the survival of the European Union. Two leading Swedish politicians debate it out in our studio. Read more
Behind the scenes at the Nobel Banquet
Find out how many chefs and waiters work the Nobel Banquet. Hear about a few of the ingredients that go into the super secret meal. When will King Carl XVI Gustaf take his first step and where will the guests drink after the dinner? Gabriel Stein was at Stockholm City Hall Thursday to get a behind the scenes look at the dinner party preparations. Read more

Minerals bring economic boom to the North
The job market is bright in Norrbotten County, fuelled by growing global demand for iron-ore and other industrial and precious metals. Read more

Is snowboarding more dangerous than skiing?
A 25-year-old snowboarder died from injuries sustained over the weekend after landing wrong off of a jump in Dalarna. While the man’s death has some questioning the safety of the sport, most experts say snowboarding is just as safe as skiing. Read more

Swedes drinking more specialty beers
Sweden is not known for its beer. But a quite revolution is taking hold inside the country. One expert referred to it as the craft beer renaissance — small brewers brewing specialty beers that give consumers an alternative to the stor stark, which literally means big strong, and refers to the light, international lager that can be found at every bar in the country. Read more

EU talk of limiting salmon catch stirs debate
Scientists say that stocks in some of the approximately 30 wild salmon rivers in the Baltic fall outside safe biological limits and at risk of genetic depletion. Read more

State pension funds invest in blacklisted companies
State-run pension funds in Sweden have nearly $2 billion invested in companies that have been blacklisted for human rights infringements, environmental abuses, and anti-union activity. Read more

Yes, I can dress my kids for the Swedish weather
How getting my kids dressed for the Swedish weather pushes me to the limit and back every morning. Read more

Izzy Young: A folk man in Sweden defined by Dylan
Forty-nine years after organizing Bob Dylan’s first concert at Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York City, Izzy Young still promotes, but he is a long way from the Big Apple, and the likes of Bob Dylan. Read more

Pride march a ‘game changer’ for Stockholm football clubs
For the first time, two of Stockholm’s professional sports clubs, including representatives from their professional football teams, will participate in Stockholm’s Pride Parade this Saturday. Read more

Destination Scandinavia
Mentions of Stockholm conjure up images of Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and elegant royal palaces. The true spirit of Sweden’s capital goes far beyond these initial impressions into a world of open minds, clean design and an admiration for both the past and the future. Read more

Getting back in the game
In 1991, doctors told Joe Kopistecki he would never walk again. Then a 47-year old former truck driver, Kopistecki suffered from an inflammation of the spinal cord that left him partially paralyzed from the waist down. Read more

Somerset hospital to unveil growth plan
Somerset Medical Center will present its conceputal expanision plan to the Somerville Planning Board tonight, responding to requests from residents and the board to see the entire proposal before any plan is approved, officials said. Read more

Playing the game
A group of young adults morph into computer assasins, blasting thousands of bullets into each other at the Unreal game tournament on Monday nihts at Spraga.com in downtown Somerville. Read more

4 Replies to “Hire Me”

  1. Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for the posts on working in Sweden. My wife and I have been looking to move to Sweden for work for the last 2 years, so we have soaked up everything we could find including all the titbits on your blog.

    Our problem, is that we are in South Africa, and whilst I have a EU passport, I think looking for jobs in a foreign country whilst not in that country is very difficult. Perhaps if you have much sought after skills if would be easier. However my wife and I are life scientists, and lack any sort of work network in Sweden (apart from 2 people we know), so I think the going will be tough.

    In fact, we have decided to pack our stuff up and use what savings we have to come to Sweden and look for work, however long that might take. We’ll live in shoebox, hopefully insulated, if we need to.

    Keep up the posts, I enjoy reading and watching them


    1. Hi Liam,
      That’s really exciting. I have no doubt that you’ll do well moving to Sweden and finding work in Sweden. It’s all about the right attitude and keeping an open mind. Good luck. And let me know how it works out once you make the big move.

  2. Hello,

    Your blog has been listed on the website AmericansSweden dot com for other Americans to read.

    Thank you and have a great day.


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