Gay soccer players and cardamon buns

 Elite soccer player says he's gay and reminds me that I live in Sweden.

I’ve been living in Sweden for over five years now, yet every day I still see little aspects — I call them life in Sweden moments that remind me I’m not in Kansas anymore.

Five things happened recently that reminded me: I’m far away from home.

1. I saw a business man walking down the street the other day. He was wearing green pants — bright, fluorescent green.

2. Anton Hysén became the first elite Swedish soccer player to come out of the closet.

3. My colleagues were watching the Biathlon World Championships on live, online TV. And they were super excited.

4. On facebook, I made fun of semlor, the beloved cardamon buns eaten this time of year, and my Swedish friends went absolutely crazy.

5. A colleague of mind asked his boss if he could move two hours away, work from home four days a week, and come in on Wednesdays. His boss said yes.

If you’re living in Sweden, tell us some moments you’ve had recently.

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