Sustainable Swedish Banking and Why You Shouldn’t Maximize Profit

Episode 2:

Raise your hand if you like your bank! Like I thought, you don’t, if you’re like most people. But they’re a necessary evil, right?

Well, maybe, but there are some “new” banks that have been gaining in popularity in recent years. “New” is in paranthesis because these banks are actually like old, traditional banks. You know the kind of bank that holds your money, gives you a loan, and cares about society.

Today, on From Sweden, we’re joined by Kristoffer Lüthi ,the deputy managing director of the sustainable Swedish bank Ekobanken.

Sustainable banks are also called ethical banks or green banks. Ekobanken has been growing since the day it opened, and I wanted to talk to Kristoffer about what a sustainable bank offers customers that the mainstreams bank don’t.  

“We need to make a profit, but not maximize it,” he said.

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