Peeing on the flowers at Stockholm airport

I found Swedish summer at the Stockholm Airport last week.

Here’s what happened: I had to go urinate and when I got to the bathroom I found that the wall behind the urinals was covered with flowers and tall grass so that it felt like I was peeing into a lovely field on a Swedish summer day.

Swedes, and Stockholmers in particular, have been called conformists and reserved — and in some ways they are. But every once in a while, Sweden surprises me.

Why should bathrooms be serious? They shouldn’t and I give kudos to Stockholm Arlanda airport for having fun with one of man’s most mundane activities — peeing at a urinal.

It’s the little things in life that matter and the illusion that I was peeing in a Swedish field made a big difference for me that day.

3 Replies to “Peeing on the flowers at Stockholm airport”

    1. Great idea Jeannie Zoo. Thanks for the tip. I can always count on you to point me to the craziness:-)

  1. I was Design Manager at the airport in that time and the idea was born in my head. The Photographer is Peter Ahlén. Probably the most internationally acclaimed installation we have ever done. And it was funny too. Thanks for your appreciation

    Kind regards,
    Karin Elfver (Renström)

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